Special thanks to Heather Disarro of Heather’s Dish, for sharing her Easter memories and her Orange-Scented Honey Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe with us.

Author: Heather Disarro | Heather's Dish

Some of my favorite memories of Easter, as in pretty much every other holiday as well, revolve around food. I always enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs, but when it came down to it there were a few very simple celebratory things that always made the holiday for me:

1.) The singing of the Hallelujah Chorus at our church;

2.) Deviled eggs (my mom’s super-secret recipe);

3.) The Easter ham, which always had a hint of citrus in the glaze.

INGREDIENTS - 12 servings


  1. Cook the ham according the package directions.
  2. When the ham is halfway done, whisk together the honey, brown sugar, orange zest and juice and pour over the ham.
  3. Bake the remainder of the way uncovered until the glaze is sticky and golden.
  4. Serve hot


Now I don’t know if my mom added citrus to the glaze or what, but I do know that I would lick my plate clean and have seconds, always smeared with a little yellow mustard. That ham was one of the best meals, and I looked forward to it every year!

Now that I’m the one in charge of making ham in our house I decided to go with my own recipe, with a fabulous Petit Jean ham as the star of the show. I added a little orange zest to the glaze to make it extra special, along with some of my favorite local honey. This is one ham you won’t be able to stop eating!

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