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Petit Jean Meats

Whole Smoked Turkey - Fully Cooked

Whole Smoked Turkey - Fully Cooked

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Our delicious Petit Jean turkey tastes just like grandma used to cook it for Thanksgiving dinner - moist and juicy throughout with a flavor you just can't get any other way.  And since it comes fully cooked, it's a snap to prepare, simply heat to brown and serve.

This turkey is fully cooked. Remove from plastic bag, remove stockinette and slice thin...serve at room termperature to enhance the meats natural flavor. If you wish to serve hot as a main course, remove bag, bring to room temperature, wrap in foil and warm in a preheated 300 degree oven for appoximately two hours . DO NOT OVERCOOK...Turkey is already cooked and all you want to do is heat; overheating and cooking will dry it out and make it tough and tasteless.


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